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The No Time for That Anti-Bullying Society's "No Time for That" Tour, began in November 2012 when founder, Elsie Morden, started visiting local schools free of charge during her senior year of high school. A victim of severe bullying herself, Elsie, who lives with depression and an anxiety disorder, tells her stories and experiences, and performs songs that she has written, which all relate to bullying, mental health awareness, and how to overcome tough times. It is so important to love yourself, focus on the positive and what makes you happy, and not let people or things bring you down. Elsie and "No Time for That" Tour hope to share their messages of empathy and empowerment with as many youth as possible to prevent and stop bullying, and tackle the stigma surrounding mental illness, while also encouraging youth to be themselves, follow their dreams, make positive life choices, and respect, support, love, and care for each other.



“Thank you again for the work you are doing and sharing it with us. 
Here are a few of my thoughts. Your message, marketed as an anti - bullying presentation was that and much more. Your medium of video, story, and song engaged our students, and increased their awareness of the need and their choice to treat each other with respect and kindness. More importantly, your "presence", in my opinion is the key to your message of personal empowerment. You take the often overused phrase of anti - bullying and transform it into a powerful mantra of resilience and hope. Who you have become in the face of personal attack, is the medium and the message, that holds the possibility to empower every one who comes to the "No Time for That” Tour presentation. Thank you again”
Shaun Friesen

"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Elsie Morden in my capacity as a committee member of The Pas & Area Suicide and Prevention Committee. Elsie has participated in many events which create awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. Elsie came into our community for a period of three days in mid January 2015, and visited with five schools which included both elementary and high schools. As well, Elsie visited a First Nations school in an outlying community. During this time, Elsie also performed in an evening community presentation. Elsie’s tireless efforts to present her anti-bullying campaign speak volumes of her dedication in supporting her campaign to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.

As I accompanied Elsie during her presentations, I was amazed at her ability to engage the students through her presentation which included video, songs and story telling. The message that is delivered provides the students with a sense of empowerment and increases their awareness of the need to treat one another with kindness and respect. Elsie received many hand-written notes after her performances, numerous comments on her Facebook page, and private messages. The impact that she has on the students is evident in the feedback that she receives. As well, I received many personal messages myself telling me how much Elsie had impacted their child with her presentation. During Elsie’s presentation, she asks for volunteers to help run her Power Point presentation. One such volunteer went home and told her mother that: “This was the best day ever!” Unbeknownst to Elsie, this young girl was a victim of bullying which was revealed to me by her mother.

Elsie’s “No Time for That” Tour is offered to schools free of charge, which is quite an undertaking. Elsie has visited over 500 schools across Canada sharing her personal story demonstrating determination and perseverance. This not only demonstrates her ability as a leader but also demonstrates her capacity as a positive role model that inspires others to make a positive difference in their own lives. Her strength, compassion and positivity are greatly admired by her audiences and the education professionals at the schools where she performs. Elsie’s “No Time for That” Tour educates youth across Canada about the harmful effects of bullying, provides students with options and resources on how to deal with bullying and mental health issues such as the Kids Help Phone or local community organizations. Elsie not only provides presentations at schools, but also offers community events for all ages including parents and community members.

This young lady has inspired me personally to step up the efforts within my own community to increase awareness of mental health, to help allay the stigma that is attached to mental illness, and send out a message that is “ok” to talk about these issues without shame and embarrassment."

Teresa Roberts
The Pas & Area Suicide Prevention Committee, Manitoba Schizophrenia Society, Canadian Mental Health Association

"I have had the pleasure of recently meeting Elsie Morden and witnessing firsthand the educational presentation she makes to youth within our schools ("No Time for That" Tour).  She is dynamic and gets the message across about bullying. With firsthand heartbreaking stories of her experiences as a young girl being bullied in school she has the power and presence to connect with youth, not to mention her amazing song writing and musical performance intertwined within her presentation. How this came about was when I was informed that Elsie had been honoured with the Volunteer Manitoba RBC Local Hero’s Award and her choice of charity to donate her $5000.00 award was to Kids Help Phone!  She truly is a hero to us and since we met, Elsie has become a wonderful volunteer representative for Kids Help Phone to spread our message along with hers and we could not be more excited to partner with Elsie and "No Time for That" Tour. She is an inspiration and bright light to our youth of today and her passion is so very visible in everything she takes on. I am so honoured to have met such an amazing young person. Kindest regards."

Holly Klos
Kids Help Phone (Manager, Community Fundraising and Corporate Development)

"I'm a teacher and had the absolute privilege of seeing you perform at our school in Halifax. You had such a huge impact on me. I have been speaking about you to so many people. Keep doing what you are doing!! You are changing lives!!"

Madonna Sampson


"The “No Time for That” Tour was engaging for all students, with a range of stories, visuals, and music that offers something for everyone. Elsie was relatable, energetic and youthful, and helped create a ‘safe environment’ for students to participate in. The messages were important, empowering and, most importantly, uplifting! We’d recommend this experience for anyone wishing to explore bullying, self- care and coping with conflict, as these are universal messages for all!"

Robin Legge

"I was privileged to hear Elsie Morden speak during the, "No Time for That", Tour stop at the Dr. Brass School (Yorkton, SK) Anti-Bullying Candlelight Vigil. Bullying is a reality for so many. Elsie has made a choice to rise above her past experiences and circumstances to be victorious, instead of a victim, setting her apart as a role model and mentor, to help others rather than be helpless. She is a dynamic young speaker with a tremendous gift and ability to communicate through song and narrative. Elsie uses her natural talents to communicate her powerful message describing the negative impacts and unacceptability of bullying, but also of hope. Her ability to connect with those in attendance, youth and adults, was inspiring."

Greg Ottenbreit
MLA Yorkton, SK (Minister Responsible for Rural and Remote Health)

“Your presentation was excellent! In discussions with the students afterwards, they stated that they learned a lot, and that they were shocked at how excessive the bullying got for you. They said the pictures of your mouth really impacted them and they could not believe that someone would do that to you. The way that you incorporated music into your story kept the students engaged and sent powerful messages to them. I have been recommending your presentation to all of my colleagues. I wish you all the best!”

Bobbie Earle

“We recently had an amazing young lady come to our school, who is an upcoming star, Elsie Morden. She would be wonderful for WE DAY if they need another inspiring speaker.  She is very inspiring with what she has gone through from her struggles with bullying. She writes her own songs and her approach and connection with the audience is instant. I knew the impact of the presentation was felt by the students by the discussion that followed with their peers and teachers. I strongly recommend her presentation to all schools. I thank Elsie for graciously coming to our schools and taking the time to spread POSITIVE WORDS to the students of Baldur, Glenboro, and Alexander Schools.”
Tammy Ballingall
B.G.S./M.Ed.(Guidance & Counselling)
Guidance Counsellor/CTS
"It takes a lot of courage to go up in front of a group of students your own age and talk about such a serious issue with such grace and confidence.
The practicality of your message was striking. Telling the students to avoid the negative and surround themselves with the positive, as well as encouraging them to build up the confidence in themselves and seek only the good in their life, was brilliant. The fact that you spoke about how there will always be people that will bring you down and explained to the students that they need to be able to believe in themselves and rise above other people's opinions and actions, was exactly what students needed to hear. They need to understand that they aren't walking away and letting the bully win, but they are walking away from something that they do not need in their lives, which ends up making them the real winners. We are taking your message and incorporating it as part of our action plan when we have a student in need of support. So thank you for providing us with such a effective and simple message that all students can understand and relate to.
Your name will linger on in this school for a long time!
THANK YOU for being the most amazing example to support this message. I also had a grade 8 male student make the following comment to me the next day: "That was a really good presentation yesterday. She said a lot of cool stuff and I added her to my Facebook when I got home.
You are a fantastic young lady who is changing the world whether you are aware of it or not...afterall, it only takes one small act of kindness to make this world a better place and I think you have far surpassed this expectation.”
Kristel Prejet
Resource Teacher

"Elsie Morden came to our school with the “No Time For That” Tour presentation to our middle levels. This generation of students is not easy to entertain, let alone captivate with purpose. We however, did not bring Elsie in to entertain our students. She was invited to talk to our students about how they can be better people. What she brought with her was the ability to help students empathize with others and evaluate their actions. Our school works diligently to help students make good choices and care for those around them, we don’t focus on bullying, we focus on how to care and empathize for others.

It is difficult for any youth to imagine what “might be” in their life, or the lives of those in their school. Elsie was able to show them that their lives can be incredible when you think of others, go for your dreams, and decide not to let others negatively influence your life. Her music was inspirational and her story was encouraging. She is a role model for teens everywhere.

What I appreciate about her presentation is the realness of her interactions. They were not “put on” and definitely not a show. Youth can see through fake interactions and entertainment. It is my hope that she continues to influence our youth for great things today."

David Smith


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