She speaks from the heart, from a place of knowing and of understanding, and the audience responds to that.”

— Leanne Cater (QX 104 - Winnipeg, MB)

Elsie was a captivating, and inspiring presenter, with a fantastic ability to connect to our group. She is empathetic, takes time to listen and responds thoughtfully to her audience. Her performance was heartfelt as she sang about her experiences. Elsie clearly has a great understanding of issues that affect youth, women and the impact these issues have on mental health and overall wellness. She is a natural performer and presenter, empowering people through her music and encouragement. She was able to relate on a personal level with each of our participants. We feel she has such a positive impact on those that she is given the opportunity to speak with. She unquestionably had an impact on our group, and left us with a fantastic memory!”

— Nicky Cress & Sheri MacNeil (Working Toward A Healthy You Program - Nova Scotia Community College)

She has the power and presence to connect with youth, not to mention her amazing songwriting and musical performance intertwined within her presentation.”

— Kids Help Phone

You have an incredibly powerful and important message to spread to our youth and they really connected with you through both your story and song. The session was extremely well received and rated a 9.55/10 in our evaluations. Students noted you personally and the session as a top 3 part of Catapult many times. Thank you for sharing your deeply emotional and personal story with our youth - it really shows them how they can find the light even in darkness. You are an inspiration to all!”

— Lori Barker (Catapult Leadership Camp - Wolfville, NS)

We recently had an amazing young lady come to our school, who is an upcoming star, Elsie Morden. She would be wonderful for WE DAY if they need another inspiring speaker. She is very inspiring with what she has gone through from her struggles with bullying. She writes her own songs and her approach and connection with the audience is instant. I knew the impact of the presentation was felt by the students by the discussion that followed with their peers and teachers. I strongly recommend her presentation.”

— Tammy Ballingall, B.G.S./M.Ed.(Guidance & Counselling) Guidance Counsellor/CTS

I was very fortunate to first see and hear Elsie Morden speak and perform at an event in Portage la Prairie for Clara Hughes’ Big Ride, a part of the Bell Let’s Talk campaign, that focused on mental health issues. I was extremely impressed with her message and her professionalism. I subsequently asked Elsie to come and perform at our Brush Up Winnipeg banquet, to commemorate the teams that painted homes for seniors in the city who are physically or financially unable to do the work themselves. The people attending the banquet were extremely impressed with Elsie’s songs, but more so with her messages. Elsie has also now been performing for Take Pride Winnipeg at our Team Up To Clean Up event for the last three years in front of 2,000 students each year. Students and teachers are wowed by Elsie – again not just by her songs and message, but also by the way she interacted with the students. For such a young woman to have a genuine passion for this subject, and to be able to relate so well to students, teachers and the general public is an awesome thing. Elsie Morden is a true leader that is making a huge difference and she deserves to be recognized.”

— Tom Ethans (Executive Director, Take Pride Winnipeg)

This young lady has inspired me personally to step up the efforts within my own community to increase awareness of mental health, to help allay the stigma that is attached to mental illness, and send out a message that is “ok” to talk about these issues without shame and embarrassment.”

— Teresa Roberts (The Pas & Area Suicide Prevention Committee, Manitoba Schizophrenia Society, Canadian Mental Health Association)

Elsie is a dynamic young speaker with a tremendous gift and ability to communicate through song and narrative.”

— Greg Ottenbreit (MLA - Yorkton, SK)

I was blown away, as was the whole audience, with her message, talent and the genuine warmth before, during and after the performance.”

— Leanna Estey (Teacher at South Kelowna Elementary – Kelowna, BC)

It is difficult for any youth to imagine what “might be” in their life, or the lives of those in their school. Elsie was able to show them that their lives can be incredible when you think of others, go for your dreams, and decide not to let others negatively influence your life. Her music was inspirational and her story was encouraging. She is a role model for teens everywhere. What I appreciate about her presentation is the realness of her interactions. They were not “put on” and definitely not a show. Youth can see through fake interactions and entertainment. It is my hope that she continues to influence our youth for great things today.”

— David Smith (Principal - Langdon, AB)