Elsie Morden's debut full length album is out now! :) Elsie wrote all 10 songs herself and co-produced the album - a HUGE accomplishment. The album is 100% Canadian made. 
  • Written by: Elsie Morden
  • Produced by: Elsie Morden, Kenny Byrka
  • Recorded by: Shawn Dealey at Exchange District Studios (Winnipeg, MB) & Private Ear Recordings (Winnipeg, MB)
  • Engineer: Shawn Dealey, Brennan Wall
  • Mixed & Mastered by: Rich Chycki
  • Acoustic Guitar: Ariel Posen, Murray Pulver, Brennan Wall
  • Electric Guitar: Ariel Posen, Murray Pulver, Brennan Wall
  • Banjo: Ariel Posen, Murray Pulver
  • Slide: Ariel Posen
  • Lap Steel: Ariel Posen
  • Ebow: Murray Pulver
  • Dobro: Joey Landreth 
  • Fiddle: Brenton Thorvaldson
  • Piano: Kenny Byrka
  • Bass: Kenny Byrka
  • Drums: Cody Iwasiuk
  • Backing Vocals: Dave Wasyliw, Elsie Morden, Kenny Byrka, Heitha Forsyth
  • Choir: Prairie Voices


Co-produced and written solely by Elsie, "Be Mine", is the first single from her full-length debut album.
The fun, catchy song is 100% Canadian made and features the talents of: Dave Wasyliw (Doc Walker), Ariel Posen (Chad Brownlee, The Bros Landreth), Cody Iwasiuk (The Bros Landreth, Jess Moskaluke), Brennan Wall (Jess Moskaluke, *nominated for CCMA “Guitar Player of the Year”), Kenny Byrka (Sleddogs), Shawn Dealey (Doc Walker, Counting Crows, Avril Lavigne), Rich Chycki (Rush, Aerosmith, Pink), and Rob Wells (Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez). 


"I wrote Easier Said Than Done when I was in grade eleven, I was in math class, and I couldn’t stop thinking about this guy. He would walk into a room and everything would disappear and time would slow down, I was so in love. He didn’t know though, because I was afraid to tell him. There's a line in the song that says "I remain reserved, hold back my affection, with the fear of being rejected" and I think that really sums up how I felt the entire time I was in love with this guy. I would always say that I was going to move on, but when I would actually try to, it was really hard; it was easier said than done. I eventually did move on and I'm definitely over him now, but still to this day I don't think he ever knew how I felt. When or if he listens to this song he'll probably know it's about him though…" 
- Elsie Morden :)


“How often do we find ourselves saying or thinking Wouldn’t That Be Nice? Way too often. We get so caught up with our busy, daily lives that we forget to appreciate the small things and don’t take the time to enjoy life to the fullest. I personally tend to always overwork myself and get stressed out really easily, but then I remember to just take a deep breath and relax. Everything will be okay and things will fall into place, so have fun, laugh lots, smile, and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you – and that’s exactly what was going through my mind when I wrote this song.”  
-Elsie Morden


The official songs performed at the "No Time for That" Tour presentations; it is so important to focus on the positive and to not let people or things bring you down. Available on iTunes (all proceeds go towards the "No Time for That" Tour expenses).   


This album was produced and engineered by Elsie and her dad Kenny Byrka. The songs were mixed by Don Benedictson (I Know) and Richard Chycki (Sucker Punch & She Doesn't Have Time for That), mastering was done by Allen Hunnie (I Know). Randy Cooke - Drummer (Sucker Punch), Brenton Thorvaldson - Fiddle (She Doesn't Have Time for That)!