Elsie Morden is a unique motivational speaker who uses her songs to further her inspiring messages. Her speeches range from 5 minutes to 1 hour and can include the following topics:

Bullying Prevention ❤ Mental Health Awareness ❤ Youth Empowerment

Women in Business ❤ Young Business Leaders


She speaks from the heart, from a place of knowing and of understanding, and the audience responds to that.”

— Leanne Cater (QX 104 - Winnipeg, MB)

Elsie is a dynamic young speaker with a tremendous gift and ability to communicate through song and narrative.”

— Greg Ottenbreit (MLA - Yorkton, SK)

I was blown away, as was the whole audience, with her message, talent and the genuine warmth before, during and after the performance.”

— Leanna Estey (Teacher at South Kelowna Elementary – Kelowna, BC)